2022-2023 Schedule

Henry Kingdon | h_kingdon@yahoo.com

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Beginning Bridge 2, $150, February 23 – April 6  (seven weeks)
Thursday mornings at the Strawberry Rec Center 10:00 – 12:00 
Sign up at https://strawberryrecreation.recdesk.com/ 

No Trump Conventions, April 13, 20, 27
Thursday mornings at the Strawberry Rec Center 10:00 – 12:00

week 1: Quantitative No Trump & Gerber
week 2: Stayman
week 3: Jacoby transfers
Sign up at https://strawberryrecreation.recdesk.com/

Jim Cohen | james-cohen@comcast.net

Bridge from A to B
This beginning class starts with “This is a deck
of cards” and goes from there. We will cover
the basics of bidding, scoring, play and defense.
No one can become an accomplished bridge
player in just 6 weeks, but by the end of the
class you will be able to sit at a bridge table and
comfortably participate in the play. Jim Cohen is
a silver life master, certified as a bridge teacher
by the American Contract Bridge League.
Classes are given in Mill Valley, Corte Madera,
and Belvedere, afternoons and evening. 
There are also more advanced classes available. 
Contact Jim for details: 415/302-0757
or james-cohen@comcast.net