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Sunday1:00 p.m.Terra Linda (Fuldek)Open, Stratified PairsSometimes a Unit Game. Click for Unit Game Schedule
Monday11:45 a.m.PickleweedOpen, Stratified Pairs
Monday12:00 p.m.Terra LindaLimited (2100), Stratified Pairs
Tuesday11:00 a.m.Belvedere Limited (2500), Stratified Pairs
Tuesday11:45 a.m.PickleweedOpen, Stratified Pairs
Wednesday12:00 p.m.Terra LindaOpen, Stratified Pairs
Wednesday6:15 p.m.Terra Linda (Fuldek)Open, Stratified Pairs
Thursday10:30 a.m. Belvedere (Fuldek)Novice Game (0 - 20 MP's)
14-15 boards
Director: Henry Kingdon
Thursday10:45 a.m.Belvedere (Hoppe)Limited (1000), Stratified Pairs
Thursday12:00 p.m.Terra LindaOpen, Stratified Pairs
Friday11:00 a.m.Belvedere (Hoppe)Limited (2000), Stratified Pairs
Friday12:00 p.m.Terra LindaOpen, Stratified Pairs
3rd Saturday/Month10:30 a.m.Belvedere Novice Pairs Game (0-20 MP's)Director: Peggy Tatro
3rd Saturday/Month10:30 a.m.Belvedere Limited (750), Stratified PairsDirector: Barbara Prior

Unit 508 Club Contacts

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Fuldek - Wednesday Evening , Terra LindaHannah
Fuldek - Thursday Novice, BelvedereHenry
Terra Linda - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayPeggy
Fuldek - All Sunday Games - Terra LindaHenry